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Sivota or else Mourtos, a seaside tourist center in an area full of olive trees and beautiful coasts with unique beaches. During the Turkish domination the village was named Mourtos, though since 1959 it was named after the Sivota naval battle in 433 BC.

Located only 24 km south of Igoumenitsa, opposite of Corfu. The natural beauty of the region attract Greek and foreign travelers, showing considerable growth in recent years. Sivota, with Plataria, Faskomilia, Skorpina, Argyrotopo and Polyneri consist the Municipality of Sivota, based in Plataria.

Keeping your base in Sivota you can visit many remarkable sites, with both tourist and archaeological interest and also beautiful surrounding nature. Some examples of the places you can visit are Kassopi, Nikopoli, Nekromanteio, Zaloggo, Dodoni, Zagorochoria, Vikos Gorge and Meteora.